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For Tori Washington, “Life is a continuous rhythm of new endings and new beginnings.”

The spiritual business mentor, speaker and embodiment coach felt a complicated push and pull with money, until she hit a rough patch and realized that her relationship with wealth was more intimate than she’d once imagined. It wasn’t enough to take strategic courses about financial management; she needed to explore and mend the roots of her monetary lineage—and she needed to help other women do the same.

Ultimately, she launched Wealth Embodiment Flow, a body-based money manifestation technique that seeks to uncover, heal, liberate and empower women’s connection to money.

Here, Washington shares her story and explains why, without healing, no amount of funds will ever feel like enough:

LIVE THE PROCESS: Can you talk about your early relationship to money and finances?

TORI WASHINGTON: I grew up feeling like I’d always have what I need, but there was an air of guilt around receiving because I could sense my parents were stretching themselves. Our house was in the suburbs of Michigan about 20 minutes outside of Detroit. While we lived comfortably, there were dips in money that caused financial stress. Then, my parents divorced and, shortly after, my mom got laid off and it never felt like we could really catch up after that. So, the stark contrast taught me at a young age that money could be there one minute and gone the next. As I grew older, I was a rebellious teenager who would preach, “I don’t need money to be happy,” and I would take pride in living off as little money as possible. I didn’t trust money or it’s consistency in my life. I was taught to find stability in a job that was going to pay me well, get comfortable and settle down. But that never felt like me. So, I went on my own journey.

LTP: Before you developed your methodology, what did your life look like?

TW: Before I created “Wealth Embodiment Flow” (or “WE Flow”), my business was centered around spiritual mentorship. Prior to that I worked in many corporate jobs from event planning to real estate to managing yoga studios. I refused to be at a job that didn’t light me up, so, when I finally took the leap to start my own business, it was natural for me to empower other women to take powerful career leaps that would lead to their true fulfillment. So, I supported women in finding their purpose and transitioning into a career that they loved. I did a lot of in-person events, public speaking and ceremonies throughout Chicago and San Diego.

While my work was taking off and creating powerful waves, my relationship with money was suffering. I’d taken all of the money mindset courses and, still, something was missing. In 2018, I filed for bankruptcy. It was a rockbottom moment with scarcity that woke me up to the next steps on my path. I began focusing all of my attention on my relationship and intimacy with money. Rather than try to fix my mindset, I began digging into the lineage of my money roots. It’s there I realized that my relationship with money was way deeper than a mindset hack.

LTP: What are the tenets of Wealth Embodiment Flow?

TW: Wealth Embodiment Flow is a body-based money manifestation technique for high-achieving women, business owners, healers and leaders ready to revolutionize their relationship with wealth. During WE Flow, you move through a sequence of eight postures that take you through the “Arc of Financial Transformation.”

WE Flow is founded on the belief that money is not a mindset. It’s a body-based experience that is directly connected to your nervous system and lineage. In order to permanently reprogram old paradigms of scarcity, we access the subconscious mind through the body. This creates a powerful shift. When you go from trying to manifest more money through strategy and mindset alone and, instead, you shift your focus to embodying wealth, your relationship with money transforms.

You can make all of the money in the world, but if you haven’t healed the roots of your money story, it will likely never feel like enough. What makes this practice unique is that we’re focused on financial healing, liberation and sustainability which means long-term wealth that leaves a mark and a legacy—not just a quick fix. 

LTP: One thing that seems very unique about your approach is the unlikely intersection of spirituality and finance. How do those concepts intersect, especially for women?

TW: This is such a beautiful question and I appreciate the opportunity to elaborate on this.

In my experience, the spiritual community feeds off the wounded feminine. She’s constantly being fed content, books and courses that contradict themselves and cause confusion. You’ll see watered down law-of-attraction concepts that say, “activate your desires and focus on what you want…but don’t get too attached.” She’s told she can manifest anything she wants simply by thinking positive thoughts and is constantly using surface-level rituals to become more “magnetic.” All of this is completely disempowering because it throws her into a spiral of seeking validation from God/Divine rather than being in relationship with God, which honors her complex, radiant and wildly untamed roots.

The truth is, in order to embody spirituality on a level that feels life-giving, we need to address the elephant in the room: religious trauma. Organized religion programmed many women to feel guilty for having anything they want, including money. Law of attraction will not cure this. 

At the end of Wealth Embodiment Flow, I’ll never forget when one woman sat up and said, “that last breath I took felt like God was hugging me for the first time.” At that moment, it clicked for me. The liberation and security we seek through money is really our yearning for a deeper connection with God.

Through my own personal relationship with God, I’ve learned that money is meant to be expressed, not owned or secured. It’s safe to be in my highest expression of wealth because I am fully resourced; I am able to fulfill my mission on this planet.

I am committed to bringing this to as many women as possible.

LTP: For you, what does it mean to “reset,” either in the new year or at other times of transition?

TW: I’ve never really resonated with the term “reset.” In my body that feels like I’m starting all over and, personally, that’s not empowering for me.

When I approach the end of a year or a transition, I look at it as an opportunity to take all of the beauty, all of the lessons, all of the expansion and place it on the altar of the next chapter. That way I am compounding my growth, compounding my celebration and consistently allowing it to get bigger, year after year.

Life is a continuous rhythm of new endings and new beginnings, so there’s never really a starting over in my eyes. There’s just choosing to keep growing, to keep leaning into the momentum of life. 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

TW: Right now. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

TW: Every day, asking myself, “Who will I be today? What gets to exist within humanity because God woke me up today?” And allowing that to shape my movements and my actions. In my experience, what you’re doing will never feel like enough if who you’re being doesn’t light you up. 

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