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For those of us who venture to the tip of Long Island in summer, the Hamptons is the best of both worlds: Just a couple hours away, we get to escape the dense grit and boiling heat of the concrete jungle, while enjoying the most beautiful beaches and farmland and the social stimulation of fellow New Yorkers.

The high season is full of relaxing downtime, but an endless selection of social events and fundraisers too. So, although good skin is in demand year-round, when you summer in the Hamptons, a flawless and radiant complexion is not just a necessity—it’s a requirement!

Unfortunately, the combination of sunscreen, pool chlorine and sweltering summer days can cause breakouts from clogged pores and heat bumps. There are two main suggestions that I make to my clients when they bring up these skin challenges:

First, cleanse and exfoliate more often than you would during the cooler months. That means morning, evening and once or twice midday. However, you must use a very nondrying and more oil-based cleanser and grain-based exfoliator, so as not to strip your skin of its natural oils. I would also stay clear of any invasive exfoliating treatments during the entire season—like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser or intense hair waxing/removal—since these expose raw skin to hyper-pigmentation and increased sun damage.

My second recommendation is to switch the heavy night cream in your regime to a lighter consistency serum or even leave the skin clear of moisturizers at bedtime, especially if your skin tends to be volatile or retain the sun's heat. This clean canvas approach allows the skin to breathe and detox through your pores and purge the impurities.

For dryer skin types, a detox-based serum or light facial oil is a great choice. I personally have more active, oily skin, so, before bedtime, I cleanse and exfoliate with a nondrying cleanser and grain-based exfoliant. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and a quick hot towel steam to help open pores and release internal heat from the sun. I like to follow with a cool water splash to tighten pores, then alternate with a light serum or leave the skin clear, since the oil-based cleanser and exfoliant leave my skin balanced.

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