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I meditate pretty regularly. I use it as a tool for centering, manifesting and message-receiving. The other day, I tried calling in lots and lots of money. A voice asked: “What for? You have everything you’ve ever wanted or asked for! You need a better reason than just wanting money to accumulate in a bank account!”

I thought on this and then decided: “Okay! Let’s test this theory out. If I start selling more of this one particular product, I’ll know it’s a sign and use the proceeds to treat my friends to drinks and meals.” Sure enough, within one week, the sales of that one particular item not only doubled, but quadrupled. As promised, I took my friends out and joy was experienced all around.

That inspired me to look at all my various ventures and find good reasons to take each on. Who will they serve? On what good will I’ll spend the money?

Here are a few examples:

I make kid’s books to empower children. Maybe a portion of that money should go to the education of my godchildren, or perhaps to open up schools of my own one day (yet another dream of mine).

My Starr Charms help people feel good by amplifying positive emotion, while also raising awareness and money for awesome charitable organizations.

And here’s an instance of financials aside: I also pray for a happy personal life filled with a wonderful husband, awesome children and dear friends. Why? For my own joy, sure. But, also, I see that as a support to others who’ve yet to find their partners or have their babies.

Ask yourself: What do you create and why? What will you do with the money it makes you? Is it solely for your own personal gain? The Universe finds this incredibly boring!

Secret: Another manifestation shortcut is to think of how your successes can enrich others. Add service to your equation and see what magic happens!

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