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My name is: Damon Gameau

My documentary is called: That Sugar Film

The release date is: Friday, July 31, 2015 (in theaters, On Demand and on iTunes)

I was inspired to make it when: I saw the constant speculation about the effects of sugar in the media. One camp was using words like “toxic” and “poisonous,” while others were saying “essential for energy.” We had a baby on the way, and I thought the only way to find the truth was to do an experiment on my own body and see what happened. 

It's about: Exploring where hidden sugars are in our food supply, so we can truly understand the term “moderation.” I think people know that a soda or chocolate has sugar in it, but I don't think many people realize there may be as much sugar in a juice, a granola bar or some low-fat yogurt. It’s also about how sugar affects the mind and body, but told in a lighthearted, fun way, so it is accessible to the younger generation, who needs to see it the most. 

My hope is that viewers will: Be empowered after watching it. We are not demonizing sugar; we are just trying to give people the information about where it is hidden and how it affects us. Then people are free to make informed choices. Too many people just believe misleading health slogans and nature imagery on a packet and think it’s a health food, even though it’s not.

My next film might be: Nothing to do with food or nutrition. I have a few ideas, but need to make “That Sleeping Film” before I even think about beginning. I have a 20-month-old daughter and have now been on the road releasing That Sugar Film for five months.

My favorite film of all time is: Documentary: The Staircase; Regular film: Stand By Me.

The title of a documentary about me would be: Always Learning.

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