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My name is: Tav Sparks.

My book is called: The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm.

The publication date is: November 2016. Out now.

I was inspired to write it when: I felt it was time to anchor and establish the principles I have been teaching for decades in Holotropic Breathwork retreats and elsewhere. This is the power we call the “Inner Healer,” our sole source of true fulfillment.

It’s about: the essential importance for humans to totally trust and develop their innate, deep inner wisdom and power in order to find maximum healing and meaning in their life adventures. Based on Holotropic Breathwork—a way of accessing unordinary states of consciousness, but going beyond that practice—I write about the emergence of a holotropic paradigm. This approach can transform almost every interaction we have with other human beings and the outside world.

My hope is that readers will: recognize the call of their inner healing source, respond to it, develop it and thereby fulfill their deepest destinies for this lifetime. 

My next book might be: a short, easily read handbook describing a simple practice I developed for accessing the power of the Inner Healer in every moment. To be co-written with Cary Sparks, my wife and work partner.

The title of my autobiography would be: Surrender Artist. 

If I was a character from fiction, Id be: Strider/Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings.


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