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My name is: Tammy Chang.

My book is called: The Gastroparesis Healing Diet: A Guided Program for Promoting Gastric Relief, Reducing Symptoms and Feeling Great.

The publication date is: January 16, 2017. Out now!

I was inspired to write it when: My publisher first brought the topic to my attention. As I researched more, I realized that there was a strong need for a book about a holistic approach to gastroparesis and digestion. Plus, people are always looking for more simple recipes that can truly nourish and also taste delicious. I am inspired more and more by the gastroparesis community: their unity and drive to push for more resources and more support.

It's about: First, the book is especially geared towards those folks who have been recently diagnosed, but also anyone who is struggling to figure out what to eat. The most frustrating thing about gastroparesis is that it’s different for everyone. The book offers a plan on how to systematically figure out what foods work while also giving an overview of how your digestion should be functioning and what gastroparesis does to the body—with personal stories from other folks who have been diagnosed. There are recipes that anyone can tweak and experiment with to suit his or her body!

My hope is that readers will: Take the information and apply changes to their life, not just their diet. Gastroparesis becomes a lifestyle disease, so it’s important to make adjustments accordingly. Stress is huge, the way we live our lives is huge and then there’s diet. If people work on one piece at a time, they can improve their lives.  

My next book might be: I'm really passionate about toxin-free living and also nutrition and hormones—who knows?  

The title of my autobiography would be: A Nourished Life. 

If I was a character from fiction, I’d be: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  We are all journeying and questioning and meeting wonderful people and having adventures along the way.

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