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My name is: Kalisa Augustine.

My book is called: The Energy Book (pub. August 13, 2020).

My background before becoming an author was: As a healer, teacher and writer. 

I was inspired to write it when: I was living and working in Brooklyn when I received a download—or communication from higher guidance—that all this lightwork teaching and expanded consciousness work must go to narrative: TV, books, film, etc. I knew exactly what I wanted to work on and those opportunities came to me. I've been developing several projects over the last two years and The Energy Book is the first completed work to meet the world. I’m so excited!

It's about: Well, your energy is your essence. It’s your personal power source and it influences the life choices you make. This down-to-earth guide to the ancient tradition of energy healing will enable you to tune into your energy and help you understand how to use your inner light to live more positively, to manifest your goals and to find calm.

This is the first book to bring all types of ancient and modern energy healing together, from reiki and sound healing to crystal and shamanic healing to meditation and breathwork. Integrating these methods, we can learn how to meaningfully direct the path of our lives and create a more positive environment in which we can profoundly change, heal and grow.

Containing detailed explanations, practices and meditations, interwoven with beautiful photography and inspirational quotes, The Energy Book provides all the tools needed to understand what energy awareness is and why it’s so vital. 

The most unexpected takeaway is: It makes grounded sense as applied to your everyday life. It’s not this mystical other, an aspect of spirituality we can put on a shelf and take down when we feel like it. You. Are. Energy. 

It’s a game changer because: I think presenting the information as integrated and grounded, with relatable with tools and DIY practices, in the middle of 2020 is no accident. I think this book was divinely guided to help people relieve stress and anxiety and understand who they are. Now more than ever, people need to understand their divinity. 

My hope is that readers will: Begin to work with Archangels everyday, and really understand the power of prayer, meditation and affirmations. 

This book can help you connect to “The Elements” through: Understanding the inherent connection you have to the elements around you through the divine energy imprint inherent in all life, through the cosmos. There is a section (one of my favorites) about shamanism and Mother Earth. Please pay attention to this section! Talk to the elements every day. Honor this planet with reverence and you will be nourished by Mother Nature's gifts. 

My next book might be: A deeper look into higher guidance, realms of light, the “I AM” presence within us all and laws of prosperity. 

Cover image by Alexis Christodoulou

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