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My name isEleonor Amora Marklund.

My book is called:  Stormborn (September 2021).

My background before becoming an author was: Coaching. I work one-on-one with individuals to help them gain control of their lives and realize that true power comes from sovereignty. This means breaking free from limiting beliefs, from being victim to psychic predators and from feeling small and helpless.

I was inspired to write it when: I realized there are women who are struggling and need the support of others who have overcome their own obstacles. Stormborn will tell stories of similar trials and difficulties and give women the courage, strength and tools they need to overcome their personal storms.

It's about: Various stories of women who have overcome trials, difficulties and dark times in their life and have made it to the other side of the storm.

The most unexpected takeaway is: How many of these women were able to overcome some of the darkest moments of their lives and how powerful they have become.

It’s a game-changer because: It shows the reader that they are not alone. That, if these warrior women can stand up and courageously share their stories on how they overcame their darkest hours, then they can too. We give them the support, motivation and most important tools to overcome whatever it is they are struggling with.

My hope is that readers will: Be able to, first, overcome the personal storms and trials that they are having, or will have in their life. And, ultimately, I hope to give women the strength and courage they need to step into their own power and realize their potential!

What it means to me to be a woman warrior is: To persevere. As women, we will go through struggles, difficulties and even dark times. But it is in those moments when we are tested that we have the opportunity to show our warrior side and show our true strength and abilities.

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