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My name is: Tracee Stanley.

My book is called: Radiant Rest (March 9, 2021!).

My background before becoming an author was: I am a former Hollywood film producer, who has produced over 40 films. Luckily, I discovered yoga at the same time that I began my career in film and began to very seriously study and practice yoga and meditation. I began to share yoga as a teacher and opened a studio in 2001. I recorded my first yoga nidra practices in 2004 and saw the power it had to create deep rest and relaxation for people in a short amount of time; and it became one of the essential practices in my teaching and personal practice.

I was inspired to write it when: Two publishers had approached me to write a book about yoga nidra, but I was working on another project, so I declined. After teaching a yoga nidra workshop in Whistler, several students asked me if I had a book. After that, I sat down and wrote a list of what inspired me about my unique relationship to the practice.

It's about: Radiant Rest is a guide to yoga nidra as an accessible practice of deep rest and spiritual awakening. It has simple techniques to inspire you to rest during your day, no matter how much time you have. 

The most unexpected takeaway is: The best thing is this book has six audio downloads (link is found in Part 3) that come with the book, so you can be resting as soon as you receive it.

It's a game-changer because: Radiant Rest is one of the first books to explore yoga nidra as a deep relaxation technique, a state of consciousness and a Goddess. Each element is a portal to develop a relationship with the practice that will nourish and support you.

I hope that readers will: Take their time and rest their way through the book. There are so many practices to be explored, especially the nature amplification practices. The book is an invitation to welcome rest into your life as a tool of self-healing, intuition and connection with your true power. I hope that readers will do these practices and taste a bit of their true essence. That taste is an experience that no one can ever take away from you. You will always know that you are an eternal source of power and beauty.


This book can help you find deep rest by:

Simply laying down in a comfortable position and listening to the audio practices that come with the book.

My next book might be:

A memoir and guide full of practices for self-empowerment.

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