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My name is: Sarah Britton.
My book is called: Naturally Nourished.
The publication date is: February 14th, 2017. So, it is out in the world!
I was inspired to write it when: I got e-mails from my readers about the previous book that I published—my first book, which is called, My New Roots. Students, single parents and people on a budget found the book really great, but there were some recipes that were slightly inaccessible due to fancy ingredients: superfoods and things like that. So, I was inspired to write this book with recipes that include only grocery store ingredients, so that everyone can make every single recipe in the book. There isn’t one superfood; there’s no chia. I don’t even use fancy kitchen equipment for this one. There’s no Vitamix or anything like that.
It’s about: how food can be accessible, inexpensive and really easy and delicious, while also being healthy—the My New Roots way. So, I’m really, really excited about this book.
My hope is that readers will: try the recipes out and see how simple they are to make, but also how big the flavors are and how good the body feels afterward. I really didn’t want there to be any roadblocks towards people eating healthier. I wanted to inspire people and show them that it is really easy to eat well; it doesn’t need to cost a million bucks. They don’t have to order anything online. I wanted to remove all the barriers.
My next book might be: Well, I have one child so far. A lot of people ask me what I feed him, how we eat as a family together and how we incorporate all these healthy meals into our diets. The truth is, I don’t feel like an expert yet because I’ve only had one child, so, you know, maybe I’ll have another baby and then write another book. I’d really like to write about how to get kids to eat healthier though. I think a lot of it is patience and perseverance.
The title of my autobiography would be: I would say, Give Peas a Chance.
If I was a character from fiction, I would be: Ariel from The Little Mermaid because I am a mermaid in my pretend life.

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