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My name is: Yvonne Tomlin Miller.

My book is called: Lifetricity: Ignite Transformational Change.

The publication date was: October 2016.

I was inspired to write it when: After seeing so many people down in the dumps or just making do with life, I felt a responsibility to share my techniques. I wanted others to access a fulfilling life experience. Second, I wanted to leave a legacy for my son. Knowing that he will be able to access me once I pass on is oh so comforting. Third, as this is my purpose in life, I allowed the guidance of the universal power to propel me forward. I literally went with the flow, taking a bumpy but rewarding ride.

It's about: I have evolved a self-parenting tool—comprised of seven key steps— that helps individuals access their emotional drivers every day. Once people realize that words contain a force, they can more easily release the energy within “gratitude,” “being present” and having “faith”—and infuse that into their personal vibe. I share my own experience of being able to overcome significant adversity with courage, never becoming overly fear-consumed, allowing love to guide me all the way. This book will help people create a love-driven, adventurous, optimistic energy.

My hope is that readers will: My key aim while writing was to keep the book simple, so it could be easily followed. It was my intention to become a sort of virtual mother to many. I want readers to feel uplifted and supported: It is the type of book you keep by your side as you would a coach. As you grow, these words extend based on your level of need. You continue to receive insights. 

My next book might be: Lifetricity Love: How To Create Devoted Connections.

The title of my autobiography would be: My Life Adventure: Slave Heritage to London Gold.

If I was a character from fiction, I’d be: Wonder Woman (in slacks)—with the intention of saving people from their destructive side, teaching them how to learn from adversity in order to grow. 


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