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My name is: Philippa Lubbock. 

My book is called: Life Alignment: Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose (August 2018).

My background before becoming an author was: Hindsight can help us to see the bigger picture. Looking back, I recognize that my soul’s purpose this lifetime is to know myself as a multi-dimensional being; that each of my “bodies”—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—is an essential component for transformation. And so, every 12 years, an invisible force moved me into and out of four different professions in preparation for the final move.

The cycle began in 1963: With old-fashioned secretarial training, I entered the classical music artist management world, later working at the Royal Opera House and London’s National Theatre. In 1975, I became a Montessori teacher in London, then moved with my family and continued to teach in LA. Twelve years later, back in the U.K., I retrained as a psychotherapist. Much as I loved this work, I was prodded to move yet again, and, in 2004, I heard about a vibrational healing technique called “Life Alignment.” From a single treatment, I knew without a speck of doubt that I had to learn this practice. That changed my life. I came to know and experience daily the astonishing power we have to heal ourselves when we know where to find the answers.

I was inspired to write this book when: On New Year’s Day in 2007, I was sitting in a London café, enjoying a late breakfast with a colleague. In passing, she said, “If only we had a book about Life Alignment, the word about this powerful work would spread more rapidly.” It was as if someone flipped a switch and, in my floodlit mind, I thought: “I’ll write it.” Having never previously written a book, I had no idea how to construct one that would explain a unique healing system that works with the body, mind and spirit; with buildings, land and a business or organization! Yet, I knew that flashes of inspiration are precious gifts that “Divine Mind” bestows on conscious mind; I just needed to trust that and plunge in.

This book is about: Life Alignment is a holistic healing technique that is both a spiritual path and an advanced form of 21st century energy medicine. The book tells the story of how this revolutionary new system has been transmitted in stages over 25 years to one man, Dr. Jeff Levin, master healer, channel and spiritual teacher. Having received this knowledge from higher dimensions, Jeff was guided to make it available to all who want to heal more rapidly. With its roots in cell biology, neuroscience and spirituality, this vibrational healing method works simultaneously with individual body cells, with our DNA, with our mind, emotions, soul and the environment in which we live and breathe. I show how, using applied kinesiology (muscle testing), we can tap into our higher consciousness to find the root cause of our symptoms.

We cannot heal the body in isolation from its environment, thus “home alignment” helps to clear and balance the energies where we live. The human body and the environment are interconnected and, thus, strong geopathic stress, negative ley lines and electromagnetic radiation in the home can create energy imbalances that cause the body to weaken and become sick.  Since our work environment can also affect our wellbeing, “organization alignment” works with a business or organization of any size. Like a body, a business is composed of departments that need to communicate and cooperate both internally and externally. This branch of Life Alignment helps uncover what is causing a business to fail and restore growth and prosperity.

The most unexpected takeaway is: Above all, this work continues to bring hope to many thousands of people across the globe as they discover that healing can be rapid—sometimes instantaneous—when the focus is on locating and releasing the source of the problem, rather than trying to “fix” it. This involves balancing both our outer environment—natural earth energies and the invisible electromagnetic smog that saturate our bodies and buildings—and also our inner environment of thoughts and feelings, which are often equally toxic. With the environment as the hot issue, we look outwards to the macrocosm, but it is the microcosm—our anxious, chattering minds—that cry out for immediate attention! Illness is the result of a toxic environment that has reached overload. With our thoughts, we create stories; feelings give them life; the body gives them a home. If we want to change cellular behavior, we need to identify and release the stories, traumas and negative beliefs that were formed in childhood.

It’s a game changer because: You are the physician, diagnostician and healer. The only being on the planet who knows the cause of your pain, anxiety or a persistent physical symptom and how to heal it, is you! Only you know every breath you’ve ever breathed, everything you’ve ever experienced and what is happening in every one of your trillions of cells. Life Alignment enables you to bypass your conscious, everyday mind and ask your super-conscious level of mind what is delaying the change you want in your life. Since the answer comes from your higher self, it will be laser accurate and immediate. 

My hope is that readers will: If you feel skeptical (like I first did), hold it gently; find a practitioner and experience a Life Alignment balance! You will be amazed by the ease with which you can uncover the root cause of the mental-emotional roadblock that obstructs your path. You will discover the speed with which you can identify and release old, unconscious patterns and self-limiting beliefs. And perhaps you’ll feel drawn to learn the technique and, thus, help others find what they seek.

And finally, my hope is that this book will inspire us to remember the universal law: everything is interconnected. The purpose of Life Alignment is to heal the planet through our own personal healing. In choosing to receive (and to give) Life Alignment, we come into coherence with our inner soul’s purpose: to develop kindness and compassion. That is the foundation for fulfilling our outer purpose to live in peace with our self, all living things and our planetary home.

My next book might be: There is nothing on the horizon right now, but I’m awake and open to the possibility that one day that flash of lightning might return and ask me to look at how to prepare for our glorious journey home!

My Process in a word (or three) is: Trust yourself.

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