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My name is: Dr. Rochelle Calvert.

My book is called: Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma (June 2021).

My background before becoming an author was: Clinical psychologist, mindfulness and Awake in the Wild teacher and somatic experiencing practitioner.

I was inspired to write it when: I experienced the healing potential of nature myself. I often practiced mindfulness in nature and knew the benefits of somatic healing for trauma, then began to see how the integration of these could heal. As I found healing myself, I began to offer support to my clients in nature and saw the transformative impact.

It's about: Nature practices people can use to support the healing of trauma.

The most unexpected takeaway is: The introductions of pendulation practices aligned with nature that allow one to explore the trauma that is held within the body and find skills for releasing and transforming.

Its a game changer because: Learning to heal trauma can be very challenging, as the nervous system can often become dysregulated. When you can be with nature, learning practices that support your efforts, the healing is often experienced with greater ease and regulation in the body. Nature herself provides a beautiful container that supports well-being as trauma is being healed.

My hope is that readers will: Explore healing their respective experiences of trauma with nature. As they experience the support of nature, I hope they will go on to feel intrinsically connected and want to give back to her. Nature too has experienced and is experiencing trauma. When we are healed with her, I hope we can give back by healing her wounds, as well.

This book can help you get grounded because: There are practices throughout the book that help you to cultivate a sense of “embodiment” or the ability to be at home and at ease in your body. Over the progression of practices, you can learn to find a direct sense of groundedness within to harness when transforming trauma.

My next book might be: Exploring the ways movement with nature can support trauma healing, or deepening our sense of elemental and energetic connection to healing with nature.

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