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My name is: Poppy Jamie.

My book is called: Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts and Free Yourself From Anxiety. 

The publication date is: June 8, 2021 — available for pre-order now!


My background before becoming an author was: I started my career as a TV host and then entered into the world of entrepreneurship. I founded two companies in my twenties, an accessories line called Pop & Suki with my best friend Suki Waterhouse and a mental wellness app called, Happy Not Perfect. It was when I was building the mindfulness app that I realized pivotal change often comes from storytelling, so I decided to start the Not Perfect podcast to share conversations around the mind and what it means to be human. After six years of research, I jumped at the opportunity to write a book to share all the lessons that changed my life and helped transform my own mental health.

I was inspired to write it when: I was in the middle of this Happiness tour across America, doing mental well-being workshops for students. It was on one of those nights that I realized I wanted to take all the things I had learned over the past few years and put them down on paper, so that I could potentially help others on their own mental health journeys.

It’s about: Learning how to become a flexible thinker and developing self-trust. Often we look to everyone else for advice or guidance on which way to go, or even how to feel. But when we become flexible thinkers, we can tap into our wisdom, challenge our toxic thoughts and learn how to live life with compassion, optimism and in service of our most authentic self. The book takes you on a journey and the research is brought to life through my own personal stories, which just proves that it is possible to bend your thoughts and change your perspective.

The most unexpected takeaway is: You’ll find out about the time when I face-planted when trying to interview a movie star on television and ended up getting fired. Even the most embarrassing experiences can teach us a lot about ourselves!

It’s a game changer because: You get six years of research in one book and will learn a simple method to turn stiff, overly negative, critical thoughts into loving compassionate ones. The past might be the architect of the present, but it doesn’t need to predict the future if we learn to “Flex.” The Flex method is based on the 4’Cs: connection, curiosity, choice and commitment. 

My hope is that readers will: Finish the book knowing how they can co-create a future that fills them with positivity and set intentions that nourish them from the inside out. Readers will be able to escape the prison of perfectionism and instead embrace life’s natural ebbs and flows.

In times of darkness, it’s important to bring light to each other because: We are one! We rise together and we fall together. Just look at the pandemic. The light in others helps us shine brighter and, as emotions are so contagious, the more joy, love and acceptance we can bring, the more we will experience too. 

My next book might be: In a few years time. For now, I am just really excited to share the wonder of flexible thinking! It has changed my life and I hope it helps others just as much.

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