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Our names are: Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport and Dr. Sanda Neshin Bernstein, psychologists.

Our book is called: Friendship Matters: memoir, life lessons, laughter.

The publication date is: January 2017.


We were inspired to write it when: 

WSR: We, as two psychologists, began to think about our own almost 50-year friendship and to wonder how we had managed it!


It’s about: 

SN: It's about our own friendship and what we believe has made it work so well. We celebrate our friendship and try to specify the skills and attitudes that are necessary to deepen all relationships.

Our hope is that readers will:

SN: Come away with an appreciation of the importance of friendship for one's well-being, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Friendship is good for your health.

WSR: Thank goodness Harvard just put out research proving it. (We have always known it.)

SN: Besides, doing a project together gave us more time talking and thinking

WSR: …and playing…

SN: under the guise of a socially redeemable mission…

WSR: ...our desire to spread the word on finding comfort, happiness and a more effective life.


Our next book might be:

SN: Still Friends or Happy Ending or Deeper Than We Thought or In Case You Missed It The First Time.


The title of my autobiography would be:

SN: Love and Chocolate.

WSR: Love and Chocolate, portion controlled on the latter.


If I was a character from fiction, I'd be:

WSR: Wonder Woman. If only…

SN: Who can top that? How about Elizabeth Bennet?

WSR: You can see which one of us is well-grounded and literate.

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