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Our names are: Alex and Sue Glasscock.

My book is called: Food Food Food.

The publication date is: March 2020. 

Our background before becoming authors was: We’ve always had a passion for healthy and balanced living through outdoor activities and nature, so we used those principles to create a unique fitness and wellness retreat. We opened The Ranch in September 2010 to help guests recalibrate their mind and body through an intense fitness regimen of eight hours of exercise each day and a plant-based diet. We have since expanded to The Ranch 4.0, an abbreviated version of the 7-day program, and The Ranch Dolomites, our Italy-based pop-up, which returns for its third consecutive year this summer.

We were inspired to write it when: The culinary experience at The Ranch is often the biggest concern for guests before coming to the program and the highlight once they arrive, due to our talented culinary team. Our alumni have been asking for a new cookbook for some time now and we are delighted to share this new collection of recipes with them, but also help build overall awareness for a plant-conscious approach to eating and make it accessible to everyone.

It's about: We created the book with an emphasis on easy-to-make recipes, using easy-to-find ingredients, so that anyone can take a more plant-conscious approach at home. It features over 100 recipes, along with tips and tools to allow readers to practice The Ranch’s simple, no-fuss approach to healthy living in their own homes (which is especially relevant while we’re all stuck at home).

The most unexpected takeaway is: Healthy food can be delicious, vibrant and nutritionally dense! Those aren’t often the first words that come to mind when people think of healthy food, but our recipes will help change that.   

It’s a game-changer because: Much like our philosophy at The Ranch, this cookbook is meant to offer a beautiful and nurturing guide to healthy living, particularly in the kitchen. We believe in a simple, yet highly effective approach to well-being and want to teach people that there isn’t one path to health. It’s about learning, being conscious about our choices and then supporting ourselves with kindness. 

Our hope is that readers will: Enjoy creating the dishes, learn a new way of food preparation and gain a greater appreciation for plant-based eating.

Our next book might be: Eat, Sleep, Hike. 

The title of our autobiography would be: Journey to Joy.

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