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My name is: Kelly LeVeque.

My book is called: Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever.

The publication date is: June 27, 2017. 

I was inspired to write it when: I realized I wanted to share the message of eating to satiety while losing weight and understanding and leveling your blood sugar curve, but I couldn't be in more than one place at one time. This is my way of bringing my knowledge and my philosophy, which I know really works, to the masses. 

It’s about: Body Love is a guide that provides a nutritional plan based on loose structure, holistic wellness and freeing yourself from food-related anxiety. The book provides nutritional tips I give to my clients and explains my “Fab Four” philosophy. I believe that if every meal includes “The Fab Four” — 1) protein, 2) fat, 3) fiber and 4) greens — you will be satiated and make better decisions throughout the day. It’s about a lifestyle that frees you from “do eat” and “don't eat” lists and is realistic. 

My hope is that readers will: My goal is to help people understand why their bodies react in certain ways to specific food groups and combinations of food, so they can get a handle on how to properly fuel their bodies to maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. “Diet” is a nasty four-letter word, and my hope is for people to stop feeling like they are constantly restricting themselves and just eat something!

My next book might be: Perhaps a book on intelligent eating for pregnancy, entitled, Baby Love. Just a thought! 

The title of my autobiography would be: Let’s Do This: How positively saying YES' to what I love changed my life.

If I was a character from fiction, Id be: CareBear Cheer Bear. Sounds silly, but Cheer practically invented looking on the bright side! She often makes up cheers right on the spot for encouragement or to help solve a problem. Spreading happiness is as evident in her constant smile, as it is on her belly badge.

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