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My name is: Alexandra Elle.

My book is called: After the Rain: Gentle Reminders for Healing, Courage, and Self-Love (October 2020).

My background before becoming an author was: As a full-time employee in the non-profit world. I also made jewelry on the side and had a skincare line. Those were my side hustles as I saved money and tried to find my purpose, passion and professional footing in life. I talk about my career and transition in depth in the chapter, “Change,” in After the Rain. It’s been nine years since my last traditional job; the time has flown. 

I was inspired to write it when: I discovered writing to heal was my liberation.

It's about: My life. 

The most unexpected takeaway is: We all have so much more soul work to do. 

It’s a game-changer because: Our stories change lives. 

My hope is that readers will: Feel less alone in their joys and struggles. 

In times of darkness, it’s important to bring light to each other because: We need one another to survive.

My next book might be: Something that shifts the hearts of many more. 

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