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My name is: Leslie Gregg.

I'm known for being: the founder and creative director at The Market at Grelen.

I’m hosting a retreat called: One Day Wine Down Rejuvenation Retreat.

It’s located at: Boxwood Villa and The Market at Grelen. We have two more offerings this year: Friday, June 29 and Friday, Sept. 14. We also offer this retreat itinerary to private groups who stay at Boxwood Villa.  

I was drawn to this destination because: We recently completed a one-year renovation on Boxwood Villa (circa 1891) and opened the property for business in June 2017. The third floor, which was unfinished and packed with debris, was transformed from a dark and dingy attic to a fabulous barn-style yoga/event room. The gorgeous circle windows fill the space with light, and it just feels peaceful. It’s the perfect place for yoga. 

This retreat is special because: The Market at Grelen is all about tuning out the noise of everyday mayhem. This retreat is about unplugging for the day and feeling refreshed after an eight-hour escape. It’s designed to help participants let go and focus on their inner well-being.

The experience begins with tea and homemade scones in the Boxwood Villa library and then a wonderful hour of yoga to start the day. Guests then move to the beautiful shade garden at The Market at Grelen where they enjoy a super healthy private catered lunch (a power salad topped with a salmon cake). After a relaxed European-style meal, guests either hike or horseback ride on the Grelen trails for some more fresh air and relaxed exercise. They then return to the Grelen patio for a snack and private wine tasting, which officially concludes the day for some. However, other guests want more, so they move to a local spa to have massage and facial treatments (these are optional, and we set these up in advance for participants).  

One thing you can’t miss is: Don’t miss the tea and scones hour before yoga. This is a time to connect with the other participants and gives guests a moment to unwind before yoga starts. It has a calming effect on the whole group. In a time when we are all rushing around constantly, it’s nice to stop and converse face-to-face over tea and pastries!

Your body will thank you because: it has been stretched, exercised and exposed to a lot of fresh country air!

I never retreat without bringing: a lot of water! We remind retreat participants to remember their water bottle. Everyone feels so much better when they are properly hydrated.

Retreating is part of my process because: The Market at Grelen’s whole philosophy is about letting go and tuning out the noise. We don’t even have WIFI available because we want people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with themselves and others. This retreat is a wonderful extension of this mission, and we are thrilled that guests have enjoyed the experience, thus far.

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