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My name is: Tirzah Shirai. 

I’m known for being: CEO and founder of Twig + Petal.

I'm helping to launch: our new Tantra Kit.

You can find it at: 

What makes it special is: Our products are 100% pure and naturally concentrated to deliver the most powerful wellness and healing benefits. From the plants we selectively source and harvest to our extraction and distillation processes, we are dedicated to bringing you only the very best. We test each and every batch of oils prior to bottling to ensure they uphold the highest standards.

One thing you can’t miss is: The Tantra Kit is a modern, natural aphrodisiac inspired by ancient rituals. Our essential oil-based formula promotes a deeper sense of connection with a partner or yourself.

Your body will love you because: Tantra goes beyond lovemaking; it is a path of meditation. A Tantric life is one where we recognize that every act we engage in is an opportunity for a greater sense of aliveness and connection.

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