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According to Amy White, “The shift is here now.”

The intuitive medium, coach/speaker and bestselling author, who once tried to block out her spiritual gifts, found a true outlet for them in helping others give voice to their authentic desires. Through that experience, and a mental health journey with her son that inspired her book, Closer to Paradise: A Mother’s Journey through Crisis and Healing, she has reached a heightened level of understanding which she uses to help support and guide others to self-love and realization.

As 2021 begins, she sees a world of possibility in the wake of change, where it’s up to each of us to choose acceptance or resistance. Here, she explains why we are surrounded by abundance, now and in the future:

LIVE THE PROCESS: You describe yourself as "a once reluctant" medium. How did you come to discover your intuitive gifts? And why were you resistant?

AMY WHITE: It’s hard to pinpoint the timing of discovering my intuitive gifts. Growing up in a conservative Christian home, my earliest memories were around my parents explaining how connecting to God through any other way than the church was wrong and bad. I was convinced that I would somehow bring evil to the family. As a young child, this felt like a huge responsibility. I shut down my intuition and connection to the spirit realms and locked the door behind me. The risk was too great.

As I grew into adulthood, I kept that door tightly closed. Even though I credited myself for having a solid gut sense, I never embraced these skills as intuition. 

Then, I had the opportunity to certify as an executive coach. I found such a passion in working with people in this manner and started a side-hustle coaching practice. That’s when I realized that I knew things about my clients that I didn’t know how I knew. It was powerful because I could guide the sessions in a way that was deeply impactful. I knew that there was more to this knowing than a gut sense, and I had to come face-to-face with my old belief systems and see if I could find my own story within and without them.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Slowly, but surely, people showed up and allowed me to find a safe way to explore my intuition. Little by little, I allowed myself to open back up to the deep connection I had as a child.  

LTP: What finally moved you to embrace your gifts?

AW: Shortly after my grandmother passed away, nearly 20 years ago, she started showing up around me. I sensed her in the car with me while I was driving down the highway or in my kitchen with me while cooking dinner. It was peaceful, organic and didn’t feel scary or bad. I simply opened to her and her presence. As I did, my intuition opened more and more. It was a beautiful experience. It helped me to learn to trust my inner-knowing and accept these gifts as part of who I am in this lifetime. 

Even as this spiritual opening was happening for me, I didn’t share it with anyone for quite some time. Then one day, as I was working with a coaching client, I happened to share that I pulled some tarot cards before our session. I never shared this with my clients, but something inspired me that day. After I gave a mini-tarot reading to my client, she asked me why I wasn’t doing this work. It was like a gut-punch. It was also the moment when I knew that this was the work I was being called to do in the world.

LTP: What does a session with you look like?

AW: Each session starts with a channeling of “The Greater Consciousness.” They are a group of energy that I’ve been working with for years. The Greater Consciousness describes themselves as, “all of the wisdom that ever was, all of the wisdom that will ever be and all of the wisdom that is here right now, in each of us.” They represent the connection to the infinite wisdom that exists within all beings. In the session, I take a few minutes to find out what the client is looking to gain through the experience and then I allow The Greater Consciousness to share their wisdom with the client, through me.

This work is so helpful because it energetically connects with the client’s own inner-knowing. This is not about portending the future. The wisdom that comes through helps to put words to feelings, validate thoughts or inspirations and opens up the door to possibilities and opportunities that the client may not yet have been considering in their conscious awareness. 

LTP: Do you have any insight into what might be to come for us all 2021? We've come to expect the unexpected and could all use a little intel.

AW: The Greater Consciousness has been sharing how the energy is shifting for all of us. The shift is here now; we don’t have to wait until some future event or point in time. We get to choose how we use this shift and view the world. Do we push against those things we don’t like or does it feel more resonant to tune into what feels best and truest and live life from that perspective? Finding the path of least resistance and what resonates for each of us, individually, is the way to the good future. And there is much opportunity for an amazing abundance, now and future.

LTP: Your work—thanks to a personal journey with your son—has also revolved around de-stigmatizing mental health issues, which seems particularly important in a time when so many people are struggling. What does it mean to you to “reset” and why is that so important right now?

AW: I learned how important respite and “reset” is as I traversed the mental health landscape. Taking time to tune into my inner-being and find sanctuary and support within is imperative. It’s also important to be mindful about what we are consuming: news, media, opinions. When we are outwardly focused, we are less likely to easily come into alignment with our personal truths. This can create additional anxiety, fear and overthinking. When we can touch into the quiet within, tuning out the outer-world, even for a few moments a day, we will start to feel more grounded—mentally, physically and emotionally.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you? 

AW: Happiness for me is being in a space of joy, play and child-like wonder. It’s when my inner-voice is the loudest voice I hear. In these moments, I shower myself with loving kindness and have deep appreciation for this life experience. And when I can be in a space where I’m sharing this with others, that’s the icing on the cake!

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

AW: For me, living the process means that I am showing up, as often as possible, in my authenticity. I love the moments when there is very little gap between my words and my actions. This is my truest alignment. And when I find myself out of this alignment, I love on myself a little more. I have found that allowing the critic voice to berate me doesn’t help. I find myself back at my center when I can shine extra love and positive attention my way. This doesn’t mean that I deny any of my feelings in the moment, but I don’t make them bad or criticize myself for having them.

We can each “Live The Process” by creating more space for self-love and compassion first and foremost. Even a few minutes each day, focused on this awareness can shift the trajectory of the day. With practice, it can shift days, weeks, months and beyond.

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