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My name is: Robyn Berkley.

I’m known for being: Co-founder of Live The Process.

For me, giving back to the world and my loved ones is important because: It not only makes me feel good that I'm touching someone’s life, but also that I can be part of making someone smile and feel cared for and loved.

Receiving is also so essential because: If you don’t learn how to receive, you can be left feeling unfulfilled, empty and taken advantage of. Let someone do things for you like you do for others. You deserve it! Tell yourself that and really accept when people offer. It’s important in building self-love practice. You can’t have one without the other.

In this challenging time, what helps me cope is: Meditation, talking to friends, hanging out with my dog, moving my body, reading and learning, just staying busy—and then really checking out. I've spent a lot of time on my own and just been really getting myself organized. I have spent a lifetime running around and focusing on a million things. It’s been really different to have a bit more time to actually focus. And it’s literally all about me. 

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, I feel: During the creation process, I make sure that when I touch any piece we make, I want to live in it. Next, I ask myself: how does this celebrate my body? Do I want to move in it, lie in it or live my life in it? Every piece has its purpose and that’s why I truly love each item. The clothing makes me feel incredible whether it’s fun, cool or cozy. I need to feel obsessed. And then I hope others will, as well. I am critical and specific and definitely devoted!

One way I’m going to help others feel that way too this season is: Calling all of my loved ones to have a good conversation, connecting with people so they know I care. It’s the little things right now. And getting thoughtful gifts for people as I see the perfect somethings. It’s doesn’t need to be a holiday. I love to show people I care and that they are loved.

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