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My name is: Marjon Carlos.

I’m known for being: Opinionated, but full of good advice you actually listen to. Journalist, speaker, editorial director at Cuup.

For me, giving back to the world and my loved ones is important because: I see giving back as an extension of my love and deep gratitude for the people in my life. It’s a fun challenge to figure out what my people love and need, and try to bring them a little joy during a time where we see so little of it.

Receiving is also so essential because: I feel thought of and cherished. It’s so touching that people go out of their way to make you feel special.

In this challenging time, what helps me cope is: Investing in my mental health and in my personal relationship. Going back to therapy during quarantine was such a powerful decision that helped me prioritize my well-being and start dealing with things I had avoided for years. Working on my relationship with my boyfriend is rich, joyful, messy and so valuable. I’ve learned so much going through this year together, mostly that, despite me being so independent, it’s both rewarding and a relief to have someone you can really count on in your life. We’re a team. I’ve never really had that before.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, I feel: Sexy, agile and held.

One way I’m going to help others feel that way too this season is: Being there for friends, family and community that are feeling isolated or unsupported.

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