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My name is: Lizzie Brown.

I'm known for being: the co-founder of Yoga Wake Up, where I manage all PR, marketing, and events initiatives as well as teacher relations, strategic partnerships, and really anything that involves connecting with people. Right now that also means fundraising!

I'm helping to launch: Yoga Wake Up, an app for iOS that wakes you up more peacefully, the way you were meant to be woken. Our app features a variety of wakeup options—short audio yoga and meditation sequences you can do from bed. We have 30+ teachers on the app and are adding new ones weekly! The app is free to download and offers a subscription to unlock all content.

You can find it: in the iOS App Store, where we’re currently featured in the “New Apps We Love” section! 

What makes it special is: Yoga Wake Up is the one and only app that helps you start your day with morning yoga, meditation, and a positive intention for the day from the first moment. We are encouraging everyone to wake up more easily and mindfully.

One thing you can't miss is: our fantastic night clock feature, which is free for all users. The clock changes color to mimic the sky outside based on your location. Bonus: Keeping the clock open and the iPhone plugged in by your bedside will ensure you wake up on time via the alarm you’ve got set!  I love that I can peer over with half-shut eyes at any time throughout the night and know: Go back to bed, it’s still dark out.

Your body will thank you because: you’ve given yourself 15 minutes of self-care. We all deserve a little me time and Yoga Wake Up is all about getting the 15 minutes of morning mindfulness before you go out to conquer the day. Our short sequences work to wring out the body with simple stretches you can do from bed, so your back and hips will rejoice!

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