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My name is: Zander Gladish.

I’m known for being: a yogi, nutritionist, and co-founder of Vertly.

I'm helping to launch: Vertly: Clean beauty meets wellness with a CBD/herbal twist. Our latest product is Vertly Relief Lotion.

You can find it at: Vertly Balm, Credo Beauty, InScape, The James Hotel and a variety of other boutiques.

What makes it special is: It is one of the cleanest CBD-infused lotions on the market. All the ingredients are carefully vetted, and we combine a variety of herbs, essential oils, and CBD to create a unique and soothing lotion.

One thing you can’t miss is: using it on sore muscles or achy joints.  

Your body will thank you because: CBD has properties that help combat inflammation. We believe it should be part of your routine for both daily soothing and preventative care.

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