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Our names are: Giles Hayward and Lulu Luchaire.

We’re known for being:

GH: co-founder and executive chairman of Torii Labs.

LL: co-founder and CEO of Torii Labs.

We're helping to launch:

GH: Our Torii Box subscription. We will be delivering 20 powerful herbal shots to our customers’ doors every month. Each formula has been created by a team of both Eastern and Western doctors to ensure that the efficacy and quality is unrivaled. 

LL: Our gorgeous boxes of shots offer your monthly dose of medicinal herbs to combat ailments such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, stress and more. 

You can find it: on our website at

What makes it special is: 

GH: Each shot has a powerful combination of wildcrafted herbs and organic juices of the highest quality; and each formula is supported by Fulphyl fulvic acid, which increases the bioavailability of the nutrients we consume, while making the shot extra potent. 

One thing you can’t miss is:

GH: The chance to start 2017 with a new positive habit that can enhance your life.

LL: Our new Torii Restore Shots are perfect for throwing in your gym bag before your workout and taking right after exercise for optimum rehydration and recovery.

Your body will thank you because:

GH: When all your cells have the nutrients they need and they are firing on all cylinders, the body can perform at its best and you will feel your best.  

LL: This is the medicine of the future.

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