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My name is: Joanna Vargas.

I’m known for being: a facialist, known for vetting the latest technologies on the market today and then curating a customized protocol for each individual client. It’s that quality that made my salons successful and makes me excited about my work every single day. I have built my business largely on word-of-mouth. The more I make someone feel good, the more she goes home and tells her best friends!

I like to combine good nutrition for the skin with amazing non-invasive technologies. The result is a beautiful, vibrant look that keeps people guessing about your age. The reason I use non-invasive treatments in my salon is that I truly believe it’s the right path to real beauty. Every woman I know will tell you that real beauty comes from how we feel about ourselves, not from what people tell us. My focus has been, and will always remain, on restoring confidence! I preach to people every day that there is no magic solution—anyone can achieve the skin they want by doing the steps every day.

I'm launching: My new, all-natural Cloud Bar.

You can find it: launching now at Nordstrom and JoannaVargas.

What makes it special is: I like simple products that yield a result after one use. This bar is soothing and hydrating immediately.  

One thing you can’t miss is: The smell is heaven.

Your body will thank you because: The skin on the body needs love too. Calming inflammation is key to keeping it healthy. 

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