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My name is: Marjorie Charlton.

I’m known for being: spa director at new resort, Las Alcobas, Napa Valley.

I'm helping to launch: The Atrio Experience.

You can find it at: Atrio Spa at Las Alcobas, Napa Valley.

What makes it special is: Atrio offers an authentic spa journey that starts from the moment you walk in the door. Every detail of the Atrio experience is carefully curated, with every aspect reflecting thought and attention to providing a more in-depth spa experience that not only provides the guest with deeper connection to their bodies, but also a greater awareness of themselves.

One thing you can’t miss is: The Atrio Experience treatment is our version of a tasting menu: Guests are able to experience a host of our favorite treatments choreographed for a smooth flow. Inspired by ancient healing modalities from Indonesia, China, Thailand and India, our guests have an opportunity to experience treatments to which they have never been exposed stateside. Many of our clients are surprised by a new favorite technique, which translates to a new path—a path that leads them to experience new and different sensations in their body, plus a curiosity about how it has affected their spirit.

Your body will thank you: for listening! Your body will thank you for introducing it to a completely new spa experience, modality or technique. Finally, a treatment hits the right spot in your body and lifts the spirit!

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