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My name is: Omar Ahmadzai. I am known as “The Urban Shaman.”

I’m known for being: a mystic, shaman, and the top shamanic flutist in the world.

I'm helping to launch: “The Art of Awakening: A Shamanic Journey into Ancient Mysticism,” which is a workshop based in an ancient shamanic breath that is designed to create a transcendental experience inside our inner-verse.

You can find it: I am based in Miami Beach, Florida, but am leading workshops around the country and internationally.  I have partnered with Shelley Lewis, the founder of Sacred Space NY, to host our first offering in New York City at the Woom Center at 274 Bowery on June 17th at 7:30pm.

What makes it special is: This workshop is special because I use tools from various shamanic paths and put them together in this one experience. I have studied ancient shamanic cultures and the tools used by the shamans, mystics, and sages throughout history. This journey has taken me all around the world, including living in the jungle for two years at The Shamanic Healing Center in Costa Rica and Peru. I am not limited to one type of shamanism, one type of breath or one book for my spiritual knowledge, so people who attend my workshops get exposed to a world of shamanism in one night.

I use icaros (mantras) from the shaman in the Amazonian rainforest, Native American drums, and shamanic flutes, combined with 3,500-year-old breath techniques from the Indus Valley—all in one systemic flow that is being introduced in a very very new way.

One thing you can’t miss: An opportunity to share, meet new people and travel.  

Your body will thank you because: A shaman looks at the body as three parts: the spiritual body, the mental body and then, lastly, the physical body. The Art of Awakening workshop brings us deeply into each of these bodies by using ancient shamanic tools such as Native American drums and flutes and song. The drums are used to shake the primal kundalini energy stored in our root/base chakra and rise it up each chakra using specialized shamanic flutes. There are seven notes in music, seven chakras and seven colors associated with each. When we flood ourselves with breath, we flood ourselves with life, and this life is the source energy which we are seeking. This dormant source energy is released in a waterfall cascading up the spine, traveling through each chakra, recharging our inner systems and providing each person with a new unique perspective on what can be accomplished with breath and vibration alone.

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