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My name is: Victoria Boscarino.

I’m known for being: director of spa and wellness at The Mayflower Grace Spa

I'm helping to launch: our new Sound Healing Therapy. 

You can find it: at our spa, customized for one to two guests or a larger group.

What makes it special is: When you combine awareness with intent—while listening to the sound of Tibetan and Nepalese bowls—body, mind and soul magic happens. Vibrations travel through superficial channels called “meridians,” unblocking stagnant energy in the chakras. This therapy can be reserved on its own or as an additional treatment. Imagine receiving a blissful full-body massage followed by a 30-minute Sound Healing experience for a total reconnection back to yourself.

One thing you can’t miss is: Relaxing in our beautiful Garden Room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy lounges, prior to or after a treatment is a must. Bask in the absolute quiet and serenity of the moment and just be. 

Your body will thank you because: You treated it as the sacred vessel it is, housing beauty, health and a vibrant, pulsating cellular energy. In this chaotic and urban world of ours, we tend to forget what we are made of—so, return to breath, return to silence, get back to the basics of just being and return to the sacred you.

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