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My name is: Yunha Kim.

I'm known for being: the founder and CEO of Simple Habit.

I'm helping to launch: Simple Habit, a 5-minute meditation app for busy people. 

You can find it: in the iOS and Android app stores, available for free download. Or you can access the meditations through our web app

What makes it special is: Simple Habit offers thousands of meditations guided by top teachers from around the world. We specialize in 5 minute meditations so you can easily squeeze mindfulness into your busy schedule. These meditations are specifically designed for different situations and moods. For example, our Commuting series are meditations you can do with your eyes open while commuting in traffic or busy crowds. Others are tailor-made for another situations and moods—before sleep, taking a work break, before a first date and more!

One thing you can't miss is: our On-The-Go wheel, which is perfect for new meditators to select what they’re feeling or doing at the moment (walking, eating, feeling frustrated) and listen to a meditation corresponding to that—just like Spotify for meditation.

Your body will thank you because: meditation helps clear the mind so you can think on your feet, focus better, and improve relationships. Using Simple Habit daily can help you reduce stress, work smarter, and sleep better.

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