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My name is: Martha Jevsevar.

I’m known for being: director of outdoor recreation at Red Mountain Resort.

I helped to launch: our Mindful Hike. Other new adventures include: Alpine Adventure, Art Walk of Historical Downtown St. George, Red Hills Desert Garden Walk, Zen of Bird Watching and Bird Watching Oasis.

You can find it at: The Mindful Hike is currently offered on Friday evenings at sunset and by special arrangement.

What makes it special is: The Mindful Hike is an opportunity to be still, while enjoying a gentle hike. Be still and hike? Yes! With the help of your guide, you will be able to go within and explore what inspires you about nature. Is it the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the landscape? Is it the sense of empowerment experienced when taking control of our intentions? Is it the purposeful connection to Mother Earth?

One thing you can’t miss is: This unique experience includes time to meditate outside, surrounded by the beauty of Snow Canyon, while enjoying a sound bath with Himalayan singing bowls.

Your body will thank you because: This is an escape from the chaos and stress of everyday living. It is an opportunity to reconnect with the stillness and beauty that lies within.

Red Mountains

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