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My name is: Sue Nabi.

I’m known for being: Founder & CEO of Orveda and the former CEO of Lancôme.

I'm talking about: How to transform your skin into a miniature factory that produces its own skincare actives using post-biotics—in particular with our Visibly Brightening & Skin Perfecting Masque.

You can find it: On Orveda, launched in 2017. It’s the first of its kind. 

How it works is: Visibly Brightening & Skin Perfecting Masque uses your own microbiome to create actives. We start with ingredients that your skin’s healthy bacteria can transform into skincare actives. This is the power of post-biotics: Feed your skin's bacteria the right food and they will produce active ingredients for you. And that active is the result of a completely natural biological reaction.

Here’s how: On application, the good bacteria found in a healthy skin microbiome “eats” our patented gallic acid derivative to produce a new molecule. This byproduct is also known as a “post-biotic.” The post-biotic produced is six times more effective than vitamin C and 60 times more effective than kojic acid when it comes to skin brightening (and reducing dark spots). It’s also completely stable, unlike vitamin C which begins to deteriorate when it comes into contact with air and/or light. 

What makes it special is: Very few  brands  are using these kinds of actives. The science is still in early research phases in terms of its potential, but it is undoubtedly the future of skincare. Orveda's mantra is “Works with your skin, Not Against it.” So, naturally, we were interested in actives that harness your skin’s own ability to heal itself.

One thing you can’t miss is: The product is a light gel, almost watery, and is very efficient. (You can patch-test if your skin is really sensitive.) I also recommend using it over a good moisturizer. It is a great top coat serum that can be applied on areas of concern.

My favorite secret detail is: Three years ago, when we started to work on Orveda formulations and were doing clinical testings of our Healing Sap (our Daily Glow Shot Serum), the company in charge of the clinicals called me and said that the testers wanted to keep the product instead of giving it back to us. All the testers had lowered their foundation usage after 28 days with the product!

This is at the origin of another of our mantras, which is “Skincare that is so active, it rivals makeup.” In a way, with Orveda, skincare is the new makeup. 

Your body will thank you because: You will use this product on a daily basis without harming your body or its natural processes.

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