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My name is: Jamie Palmer.

I’m known for being: Osmosis Skincare Research & Development, BSN, RN.

I'm helping to launch: Osmosis Skincare’s Tropical Mango Barrier Recovery Mask.

You can find it: now at

What makes it special is: As a calming mango butter for dryness and redness, this face mask is perfect for nourishing skin during the winter months. Known as the king of fruits, mangoes contain the magic of antioxidants and phytochemicals to supply skin with the boost it needs.

One thing you can’t miss is: This velvety, delectably scented mask also features an array of other nut and fruit butters and oils to restore the skin’s lipid barrier. With ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory properties, skin is soothed and replenished, helping bring moisture and nutrients back to the skin.

Your body will thank you because: Not only is this mask cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free, it is also oncology-friendly. Its creamy texture will ease irritated, dehydrated and rosacea skin conditions.

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