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My name is: Amanda Arapoglou.

I’m known for being: One of the owners and founders of Ona Organics. We are a women-owned, holistic skincare company.

I'm helping to launch: Ōna Organics. Ōna is a line of skincare and self-care rituals designed to elevate the skin, spirit and mind.

You can find it at: After over two years of product development, we are excited to have just launched! Our products are currently available through our website and will very shortly be available in retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. You may have already seen us in the Still We Rise community auction to raise funds for children separated at the border.

What makes it special is: Our organic plant-based facial care is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, while still giving undeniable results. Every raw ingredient is sourced directly from the supplier, allowing us to know exactly how each element is handled through its entire journey into our space.

Our unique botanicals, plant butters, oils and minerals originate from pure, untouched regions, near and far, all with distinctive active qualities to penetrate deep within skin and elevate your self-care.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our Enliven Mask! Especially with our handmade ceramic spatula, it feels similar to a gua sha gliding across the skin. It offers a deeply indulgent moment of self-care.

Your body will thank you because: Your skin will absolutely glow. Every product is full of essential nutrients to nourish and support skin health and, therefore, beauty.

Ona Organics

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