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My name is: Dr. Kourosh Maddahi.

I’m known for being: CEO and co-founder of Oral Essentials.

I'm helping to launch: Oral Essentials Whitening Strips. 

You can find it at: and health stores nationwide 

What makes it special is: Dentist-formulated and recommended, Oral Essentials Whitening Strips are the first ever certified non-toxic Whitening Strips on the market, offering consumers a better way to achieve whiter teeth, with visible results in as little as 30 minutes. Unlike whitening strips that cause sensitivity over time by using harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or baking soda, Oral Essentials Whitening Strips utilize a patent-pending formulation of coconut oil, lemon peel oil and sage oil to whiten teeth without sensitivity. That formulation is combined with Dead Sea salt, which contains beneficial minerals (calcium, phosphate, manganese). Ultra enamel-friendly, these are the first in the industry to be clinically tested for use on porcelain crowns, veneers and composite restoration. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The Whitening Strips new packages in boxes of 28 strips or 14 treatments for $39.99, and individual strips for one-time use for $2.99. 

Your body will thank you because: Unlike whitening strips that cause sensitivity by using harsh chemicals, Oral Essentials works synergistically to offer visible results, as indicated by the clinical studies that show the effectiveness of the strips compared to the biggest brands on the market.


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