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My name is: Doreen Young.

I’m known for being: spa director at Mii Amo.

I'm helping to launch: Mii Amo’s “Mii Time” movement and guest experiences.

You can find it at: Mii Amo destination spa in Sedona, Arizona, ongoing throughout 2018. 

What makes it special is: Carving out “Mii Time”—the time to be nourished literally, emotionally and spiritually—provides women the opportunity to thrive and enhance their well-being. Whether it is through a commitment to meditation or self-care at home or at Mii Amo (through our inspirational, transformative Journeys), we are inviting women to prioritize Mii Time in their lives. Because of its awe-inspiring red rock canyons, palpable healing energy and one-of-a-kind treatments, Mii Amo is a destination spa that perfectly combines spirituality and wellness. With our Mii Time curated experiences, we are inviting guests to refresh their minds, bodies and spirits in ways that are both profound and transformative.

One thing you can’t miss is: Don’t miss the daily Morning Ritual in the Crystal Grotto—a short guided meditation and sage clearing that helps you to set your intentions for the day. Inspired by the design of the kiva, a Native American place of sacred ritual, the Crystal Grotto is a connection of earth and sky. With its flowing, circular shape, the elements are each represented: The red dirt floor is bare earth, water flows at the center, air fills the space and the aperture creates a column of light illuminating the center quartz crystal atop petrified wood like fire on the summer solstice. Sacred crystals are placed in the four cardinal directions.  In the east is red jasper, in the south is citrine, in the west is rainbow obsidian and in the north is selenite. The Crystal Grotto plays a central role in every guest’s Journey. It’s where daily intentions are set, where rituals take place and where guided meditations are led. Its organic design helps bring clarity and quiets the mind, energizing the body and soul for the experience ahead.

Your body will thank you because: After a Journey at Mii Amo, you will walk away with a deep sense of peace—mind, body and spirit. When those are all aligned and grounded, everything flows.

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