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My name is: Stephen Sokoler.

I’m known for being: Founder + CEO at Journey Meditation.

I'm talking about: Journey Live. 

You can find it at: The app store. 

How it works is: Journey Live is a real-life meditation studio in the palm of your hand. When you first join the class, you enter a waiting room, where you get settled, share something you’re grateful for and connect with other members of the class. Then, a great teacher, live on video, greets you by name. That recognition makes you feel seen and creates a warm atmosphere for relaxing into your practice.

The teacher guides you through a simple, approachable 10-minute meditation, which is followed by a brief discussion about a particular topic, giving students the opportunity to ask questions or share their experiences. This two-way dialogue allows our students to co-create the content and to inform future class discussions. 

What makes it special is: The energy that comes from participating in an activity as a group. If you've ever exercised in a group class, you know how it feels to feed off the energy of the people around you. The support and accountability that comes from the teacher and community is unparalleled, and is a key part of Journey LIVE. Communities are being formed through this app, whether they're groups gathering with the same teacher at the same time, weekly, or themed communities linked by a common thread (like our mom's class, held once a week). The group bonds together over time and their shared experience is the glue that holds them together. 

One thing you can’t miss is: Hector's 10pm Rejoicing Meditation. This beautiful practice is part of my nighttime routine and allows me to hone in on a joy-filled moment of my day, big or small. Hector is just one of our amazing teachers. We took a long time to find experienced meditation teachers, capable of holding space in this virtual way. The result is a curated group of amazing human beings that come from all walks of life and represent a diverse mix of age, race, ethnicity and gender. This allows more people to find the practice accessible and relatable and best represents the communities we serve.  

My favorite secret detail is: We’ve created technology to support teachers in recognizing their students’ accomplishments. They’re able to see a dashboard of students’ milestones, whether it’s someone’s first class or 100th or an anniversary with Journey. This information makes it possible for teachers help students feel good about their participation. It’s part of the secret sauce of both belonging and forming habits. We're acknowledging our students, sharing their accomplishments with the group and encouraging them to return to the practice. 

Your body will thank you because: You’ll release stress and live life with more energy and greater happiness.

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