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My name is: Slim Shady … just kidding! My name is Christopher Sayegh.

I’m known for being: the CEO and Executive Chef of The Herbal Chef, LLC, and creator of what will be the world's first cannabis-infused restaurant establishment: HERB. I was recently named one of "America's Top Ten Cannabis Chefs" by SF Chronicle's Greenstate, which has been a very proud and also humbling and inspiring moment for me.

I'm helping to launch: many things but most prominently our monthly events and Herb Restaurant. The first cannabis-infused restaurant establishment in the world. 

You can find it: The brick and mortar restaurant will be in Los Angeles in 2018, but until then you may find our Herb pop-up restaurant at our monthly event space in DTLA. Our initial sneak preview—Herb at the Emerald Exchange "Summer of Sungrown"—was on August 12-13 in the Los Angeles area. 

What makes it special is: When I was a kid, my mother told me I was special. I'm a passionate science and biology student who turned to the chemistry of food and herbs to feed the intellectual side of my creations. I'm pioneering cannabis-infused dining in effort to elevate the perception of marijuana through mainstream media. I've faced some intense struggles to pursue this dream, which leaves me very driven to share this vision with the world that is The Herbal Chef via HERB.

One thing you can’t miss is: the food! The backbone of my company is culinary arts from people who not only care but dedicate their life to this craft. So first and foremost, everyone receives a wildly extravagant culinary experience whether they get the cannabis infusion or not.

Your body will thank you because: we source the best ingredients, period. Everything comes from local farms here in Southern California and is created with the utmost professionalism and love—ensuring you, the guest, that a meal that is not only satisfying for the palate but for the soul as well.

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