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My name is: Oliver Chittenden.

I’m known for being: director of a Global Speaker Bureau (speaker agent) & founder of Head Talks. 

I'm helping to launch: a mental health initiative called, Head Talks.

You can find it: now at

What makes it special is: It’s a modern, clean, accessible and visual digital resource for those interested in their mental health. Pick, mix and choose what works for you. We are all unique in terms of where we find our sense of inspiration and recovery. This platform offers 60-second Head Talks, easily shared via social media, from those who have struggled with mental illness from all walks of life—some well-known, some not. Some are interested in preventing mental ill health, while others are both holistic and mainstream practitioners and people with a keen interest in the mind.

"This platform offers 60-second Head Talks...from those who have struggled with mental illness from all walks of life."

One thing you can’t miss is: famous New York author, Andrew Solomon. Carl Honore on “The Slow Movement.” Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn (of documentary Stranger on the Bridge) and addiction counselor, George Attias. 

Your body will thank you because: you can develop ideas, practices and disciplines to add to your mental toolbox to help keep your body and mind healthy and stable.

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