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My name is: Karla Dascal. 

I’m known for being: founder and visionary of The Sacred Space Miami.

I'm helping to launch: Flow, a curated wellness and lifestyle shop located in the heart of The Sacred Space.

Flow offers sacred objects and ritual tools that support healing and growth. To meet the growing needs of clients and practitioners worldwide, The Sacred Space team has curated the most exclusive, authentic and quality collection of products online for the whole being—mind, body and spirit

You can find it at: The Sacred Space Miami when it launches on November 15th.

What makes it special is: Flow is a selection of wellness brands inspired by the ancient principles that have saved my life. All of these items are personally chosen and reflect my modern-day approach to healing the whole person back to their natural “flow” of life. Each product emanates love and beauty, comprising a larger collective wisdom.

One thing you can’t miss is: The Sacred Space rosewood mala beads from India.

Your body will thank you because: In utilizing philosophies and practices from both Eastern and Western traditions, The Sacred Space believes in cultivating inner beauty, while also nourishing outer beauty with the cleanest, purest ingredients. Flow is a one-stop, dream destination online for all things wellness. We are committed to a more elevated and sustainable lifestyle for our global community, offering tools to assist in the journey towards holistic health and well-being.

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