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My name is: Richard Christiansen.

I’m known for being: The founder of Chandelier Creative, Los Angeles bookstore, Owl Bureau, and the wellness brand/mystic haven, Flamingo Estate.

I'm talking about: Flamingo Estate, my home, a story and a mission. And now, a brand.

You can find it at: Online, in-person at Owl Bureau and at a Los Angeles doorstep every Friday with our local veggie deliveries.

Flamingo Estate launched in early 2019 and has seen a growth since we pivoted and began offering fresh produce. The idea came from us seeking to help many of our farm friends affected by Covid-19. Since, we have been busy delivering 1,000+ boxes of fresh produce throughout Los Angeles.

What inspired first inspired me to create this was: Flamingo Estate was created as a search for pleasure. And it was never about being ashamed or embarrassed by it, but, instead, a journey about how to chase it. How do I surround myself with it? And how do I manifest it for myself and others?

We believe pleasure is a human right and that we’ve become disconnected from it in this modern world. Flamingo Estate's mission is to bring pleasure back, both to ourselves and our friends.

How it works is: Flamingo Estate began as my home, but later evolved into a resource for holistic lifestyle products with a mindful, qualitative and elevated approach to health for the public—all in keeping with the spirit of this unique enclave. The brand is stocked at various boutiques and my beloved Owl Bureau. We offer a curated range of products for the body and mind, as well as fresh produce, flowers, candles and pantry goods.

What makes it special is: Our green thumbs and middle fingers philosophy. Our “green thumbs” care for the Earth, while we give “middle fingers” to exploitative industries and practices that harm it. Our promise is that all our products are for and from the earth.

One thing you can’t miss is: If you are in Los Angeles, our weekly fresh produce delivery. We offer an assortment of fruits and vegetables— avocados, stone fruits, tomatoes, mushrooms and more! Included with every delivery is a list of recipes from our own chefs, integrating that week’s produce, setting you up for a weekend of pleasure. Our Fridays have created a sense of community for our customers and we get excited seeing friends tag us in their cooking posts.

My favorite secret detail is: Our candles. The garden is now home to over 150 botanical species, but our first product offerings mirror the property's prominent scents: Climbing Tuscan Rosemary, Roma Heirloom Tomato and Adriatic Muscatel Sage. They are produced with no harmful chemicals, synthetic additives or preservatives. Our candles use 100% vegetable wax and are hand-poured into reusable containers.

Your body will thank you, especially in the world right now, because: We need to find new joys, but also learn to reconnect with each other and the earth especially. I used my knowledge from the garden to reconnect with myself and feel fulfilled. Through this introspection, I’ve found pleasures from my own garden and how it can enhance the mind, mood and creativity. 

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