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My name is: Shirin von Wulffen.

I’m known for being: a co-founder of Bastide

I'm helping to launch: The latest Bastide fragrance, Figue Amour; available now!

You can find it at: starting on February 5th; or at the Bastide pop-up shop at Sézane in Soho through March 5th. 

What makes it special is: In France, nearly all of the figs come from Provence. Fig trees—with their broad, nurturing branches—dot the lush countryside, yielding juicy, succulent fruit. Even more celebrated are the sweeping fig leaves which provide a comforting, shaded haven of respite, perfect for a midday sieste in the Mediterranean sun. Figue Amour is a love note to these majestic fig trees which create a moment of pause for the soul and quiet intimacy with nature. 

One thing you can’t miss is: anything and everything from the Figue collection!

Your body will thank you because: This woody, earthy fragrance unfolds with a surprising zest of bergamot and berries atop its heart notes of fig and violet. The scent finishes on woody aromas in its dry-down—sophisticated, elegant, feminine.

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