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My name is: Sarah Buscho.

I’m known for being: founder of Earth Tu Face, Cosmos Botanicals, a clinical herbalist, intuitive and nature-obsessed.

I'm sharing: our new collaboration with Storq! It's our Rose + Borage Belly Oil for moms-to-be and postpartum relief.

You can find it: Now at Storq—and stay tuned for two more products to accompany it in the spring!

What makes it special is: This is such a special formulation because it uses only high-quality plant-based ingredients with zero fillers or fragrances and is pretty and neutral enough to display on your beauty counter—none of the pink and blue cutesy-ness that new moms are usually confined to! Did I mention it’s handmade in small batches in our tiny apothecary? It is truly the kind of luxury product that mothers deserve. I used it all through my own pregnancy. Luckily, because of the timing of the collaboration, I was able to formulate it while both pregnant and extra sensitive to smells, so it was road-tested by the toughest critic.

One thing you can’t miss is: The essential oil blend we used features plants like borage, rose and sesame that heal and reduce scarring—perfect for relief from stretching skin for new moms. It can also be used anywhere for extra hydration. The formula is spiked with citrus (tangerine and lemon essential oils), which have uplifting therapeutic effects and aren't overpowering for a new mom’s sensitive nose.

Your body will thank you because: I used this while I was pregnant last year and reaped the benefits of more moisturized and soothed skin when so much else felt out of my control. I ended up with no stretch marks, though all reminders of that magical time are the most beautiful tokens of life to me.

This will help you be your best you this year because: We all deserve to incorporate more self-care into our routines. Falling in love with yourself is the best medicine. Even if it is only possible to incorporate more tender thoughts towards ourselves, it is crucial to cultivating more joy and a better planet. Being kind to yourself is the first step to bringing that same good energy into the world.

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