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Our names are: Zak Normandin and Sommer Carroll.

We’re known for being: co-founders of Dirty Lemon.

We’re helping to launch:

ZN: Our [sleep] beverage—the newest addition to our functional line.

Q: You can find it:

SC: [sleep] launched in January and (like the full line of Dirty Lemon products) is only available via text message. We’re the first brand to disrupt the lifestyle space by selling exclusively via SMS. It is an extremely unique approach to selling, designed specifically for the millennial consumer. To place an order, text 1-917-588-0640.

Q: What makes it special is:

ZN: [sleep] uses magnesium, rose water, chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower to help you relax before bed and keep you sleeping through the night. Rose and lemon balm are also anxiety-reducing, helping to reduce stress levels overall. Additionally, the formula isn’t nearly as harsh on the body as typical sleeping pills or melatonin-based products.

"Rose and lemon balm are also anxiety-reducing, helping to reduce stress levels overall."

Q: One thing you can’t miss is:

SC: Skipping a trip to the store! No one likes running errands, so the convenience of getting products like ours delivered to your door with a single text is a game-changer.

Q: Your body will thank you because:

ZN: You will wake up feeling rested and restored; it will change your day. Magnesium is a key ingredient in [sleep] and it helps you get through that first REM cycle, which is the main issue most people have with sleeping.

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