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My name is: Kevin O’Connor.

I’m known for being: the chef-at-large for Cobram Estate.

I'm helping to launch: our two awesome extra virgin olive oils. We have a California Select blend and an Australian Select blend. Cobram Estate was started in Australia and we recently came to the states to share the love.

You can find it: direct from our website or use the store locator (also on our website). If we’re not in your area, chances are we will be soon!

What makes it special is: We pay such close attention to each process from seedlings in our nursery all the way to crushing within hours of harvest. Such attention to detail results in an antioxidant rich, delicious, everyday oil for cooking, grilling, dipping and drizzling. Did I mention we have two harvest seasons a year? That translates to truly fresh oil in your kitchen year round.

One thing you can’t miss is: Everyone is in love with the pop-up pourer that’s on each and every bottle. As a chef, I love the precision the pourer brings to the table—and it’s just plain fun.

Your body will thank you because: Apart from being the world’s most awarded extra virgin olive oil company, we just nailed the world’s healthiest olive oil, as well, at a competition in Spain. Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest fat with which you can cook. Each bottle is packed with antioxidants that fight inflammation, aging, weight gain and works wonders for your cardiovascular system. And Cobram Estate is the best!

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