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Since the time when we first launched Live The Process, we’ve been fortunate enough to share stories with, learn from and offer a platform to a fearless and committed group of people, who use their platforms and expertise to make a contribution to the world and help others.

So, with this month’s “Makers” theme in mind, we’ve reached into our rich archives and pulled out some favorite interviews and essays about creating everything from artwork to evocative scents.


Here’s what we uncovered:

Lessons From Home with Milk and Clay (Sydney Oh describes the catharsis in creating pottery)

Finding Form with Isatu Hyde (The ceramicist and artist talks about her quest for sculptural function)

A Moment with Courtney Somer (The founder of Lake & Skye describes the creation of her therapeutic-grade essential oil-based fragrance line)

Therapeutic Perfume for Autumn Transitions (Emily L’Ami of Bodha talks about creating a calming ritual spray)

How To: Lavender Whipped Oil (Sarah Buscho of Earth Tu Face gives us the inside scoop on making our own whipped oil)

A Moment with Zoë Buckman (The multi-disciplinary artist talks about finding our authentic light)

A Moment with Amber Ibarreche (The artist and designer explores the intersection of imagery and language)

A Moment with The Wild Unknown (Artist Kim Krans talks tarot, self-knowledge and transformation)

A Moment with Zaria Forman (The Brooklyn-based artist discusses the power of saying no)

A Review of "How To Window Box" (Ryan Benoit and Chantal Aida Gordon guide us in small-space planting--indoors and out)

A Motherhood Moment with Tata Harper (The natural beauty pioneer shares the influence of nature on her creative process)

A Moment with Captain Blankenship (Beauty creator Jana Blankenship shares her journey from tinkerer to full-fledged maker)

Check out our archive to read more about makers.

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