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My name is: Julia Childs Heyl.

I’m known for being: Warm, funny, and intuitive.

I'm talking about: Depth-focused psychotherapy.

You can find it at: A lovely therapy collective called Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy.

Before I began this work, I was: A model, writer and creative.

What inspired me to start was: Transmuting challenging life experiences. In doing so, I found a deep reverence for the messy and complicated parts of our time here.

How it works is: We connect on a human level first and foremost. As trust deepens, we take our dive into your subconscious. Depth therapy means we are shining light on the cracked and wounded parts of you with the understanding that this is the way light gets in.

What makes it special is: It is a deeply intuitive practice. Rather than focusing solely on the psychological experience, I focus on the spiritual and cultural aspects of your being as well. I don't pose myself as an expert—you are the expert of you. I am an empathic companion with a deep sense of knowing, a guidebook in case we get lost and a robust box of tools. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The feeling of knowing and trusting your inner voice on a new level. This internal shift can change your entire life. 

My favorite secret detail is: The inherent magic of the therapeutic process. Your psyche is constantly working, thinking, evolving. When given a safe relationship, a consistent container and a touch of space, you will come to learn that every answer you’ve ever sought actually lies within you.

For me, what it means to be a woman warrior is: To know my purpose in this lifetime and life accordingly, every damn day. 

It’s important to do this work because: When we heal ourselves, we heal those who came before us and those who will come after us. There are endless possibilities. 

This can help us live our process because: Our process is the beauty of the human experience. 

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