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Our names are: Claire Wright and Olivia Soleto.

We’re known for being: Founders of Circle Haus.

We’re hosting a retreat called: Enriching a Community.

It’s located at: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

We were drawn to this spot because: The estate where the retreat is held is very private with untouched, inspirational and natural surroundings. The area is magical and contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Its natural wealth—both in species and ecosystems—is partly due to its geographical positioning: Situated between North and South America, Costa Rica has served as a bridge between countless species of animals and plants for thousands of years. All of our locations are chosen for their proximity to nature and spiritual connection.

This retreat is special because: We offer a transformative, life-changing experience, designed to foster self-discovery, inspire purposeful leadership and nurture personal intuition. We work with leading practitioners to provide an immersive experience from sunrise yoga, sleep therapy and reiki to exploring personal growth and clarity.

Our in-house chef, Richard H. Turner, creates menus using locally sourced ingredients, aimed at nourishing and replenishing. Practitioners will focus on mind and body presence, while exploring the psychology of peak-performance, with an emphasis on disconnecting from everyday stressors. Guests will be taught practical skills for adopting a healthy, balanced approach to well-being.

One thing you can’t miss is: Dinner cooked by celebrity chef Richard H. Turner. We’re not just providing food; we’re offering an enticing experience of culinary delights. All meals are tailored to each individual’s blood test results, without compromising pleasure. Coming together at the end of the day to converse and reflect is part of what makes being part of the Circle Haus community special.

My favorite secret detail is: Prior to the retreat, guests complete a hospitality questionnaire, so that Circle Haus may personalize everyone’s experience. There are a lot of extra surprise delights throughout the retreat, but we can’t disclose, as then they won’t be surprises!

Your body will thank you because: You will realign your physical equilibrium, feel revitalized and inspired.

We never retreat without bringing: A journal to write our thoughts down and reflect.

Retreating should be part of your process because: It allows you time to reset, recharge with purpose and, ultimately, build on your inner power.

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