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Affirmations are positive statements that we repeat several times a day, both as a reminder of our goals and a reinforcement of changes we are affecting in our unconscious mind's self-image.

A positive affirmation that is sincerely believed, if repeated several times a day, every day, will reach our unconscious mind and help us to reprogram. It will reinforce the things we want to attract. It is not enough just to fantasize about our needs and wants. We need a strong conviction and faith to manifest what we desire.

Our most negative attitudes about ourselves are the result of past wounds to our psyches: critical voices (our own or others’), unfulfilled expectations and life’s harsher lessons. The Law of Attraction states that a person must clear out old patterns of restrictive beliefs to keep from being thrown off balance by negative people and circumstances. Our affirmations have helped us, personally, embrace the fact that we deserve happiness and success.

Affirmations can do that and more, but the doer has to believe, with every fiber of his or her being, each word of the affirmation while it’s being repeated. At first we feel like actors, but soon we’re able to see the truth in what is being said. Then the affirmations will do their work, helping to reprogram our inner dialogue into positive self-talk instead of the jabber of inner critics and saboteurs.

Begin with our Master Affirmation: “I have all that I need to get what I want.”

We repeat that affirmation until we believe it. Then we say it three more times, seeing in our mind’s eye a picture of our situation changing for the better. We see the actual words sinking into our hearts, our minds and our whole bodies. And this affects change.

photo credits: eefje de coninck, louisiana mei, anya shutkina

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